Oblate blog for March 29, 2010: Holy Week and Sacred Triduum

A magazine that a friend gave me a subscription to a year or two ago is one I would highly recommend and that I use everyday. It is called LIVING WITH CHRIST, Your Daily Companion for Praying and Living the Eucharist. It is published each month with an extra issue for Holy Week and the Triduum. It has some very good articles and also has the entire Mass text for each day, including the readings. I find it an excellent way to prepare for the celebration of the Eucharist each day. Click here to go to their web site.

In the Holy Week booklet this year on the very first page the editor, Sr. Margeret Palliser, O.P., writes: "Our special Holy Week issue of Living With Christ contains a wonderful variety of resources and suggestions that we hope will enhance your own personal prayer, reflection, and participation in the liturgy during this holiest of weeks." In the first article entitled "Walking with Jesus this week" the author writes: "What would it have been like to spend that final week with Jesus? And then we are reminded that this week on each day we will have an opportunity to listen to one of the persons who actually had that experience. On Monday, Martha, the sister of Lazarus and Mary. On Tuesday, Judas Iscariot, the disciple who would betray Jesus. On Wednesday, "A certain man" who provided Jesus with a place to celebrate the Passover meal. On Holy Thursday, the "beloved disciple, St. John. On Good Friday, Simon of Cyrene, a visitor to Jerusalem who was enlisted to help Jesus carry his cross. On Holy Saturday, Mary, who stood at the foot of the cross as her son suffered and died for us. And on Easter Sunday, Simon Peter, the impulsive fisherman, the rock upon which Jesus would build his church.

What a great week this is. It begins with the blessing of palms on Palm Sunday when the people welcome Jesus into Jerusalem with great joy, honoring him as a King. But, then on that same Sunday we hear the Passion read according to St. Luke and we see how they soon afterwards sought his death. Holy Thursday evening until vespers on Sunday is the actual Triduum. However, it is really just one feast we celebrate. In so many ways we cannot celebrate Good Friday without Holy Thursday and then we need a day of rest on Saturday while we reflect on that time that Jesus spent in the grave. On Easter Sunday we celebrate that great victory over sin and death that Jesus won for all of us in the SOLEMNITY OF SOLEMNITIES, EASTER SUNDAY. THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST FROM THE DEAD.

As you know we celebrate the Octave of Easter, an entire week of celebrating this feast. The Octave day is the Sunday after Easter and that day is now, since the time of Pope John Paul II, called DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY. When we think about it the Triduum and the whole feast of Easter is a feast of mercy. God gives his Son and the Son suffers and dies for us. How could God possibly show his love and mercy in any greater way than in this great act? So, yes, this is a feast of God’s mercy. Let us celebrate and rejoice that we have such a loving God.

May each of you who read this blog have a very BLESSED AND HAPPY EASTER. May the love of God be with you and may we all look forward to giving praise and glory to God for all eternity in the heavenly kingdom.

The two photos attached to this blog are from Holy Week of past years.

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