Beuronese Murals - The Adoration by the Magi

The Adoration by the MagiAdoration by the Magi

The motif of the star of Bethlehem does not appear in the Lucan text but in the Matthean story of the visit of the wise men. After the Magi visited Herod in Jerusalem, they followed the star to where it stopped over Bethlehem. The Basilica's panel of the "Adoration of the Magi" is split into two triangular pieces by the diagonal beams of the divine light. It and the haloes of the Magi highlights the Infant Jesus who is raising his hand to bless the adoring Magi, two of whom are bearing gifts. The posts of the stable (repeated from the Nativity panel), the straight postures of Joseph and Mary arrest the viewer's attention to the Infant King. A crown lies on the ground under the elbow of the Magus closest to Jesus and Mary - a symbol of the humility of the Magi. The scene is balanced by the camel of the Magi, its handler, and the ox.

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