Beuronese Murals - The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Coronation of the Virgin MaryThe Coronation

“The Coronation of the Virgin” is part of the iconography of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is often subdivided into four parts — the dormition, the burial, the assumption, and the coronation.

The coronation of Mary is not a biblical scene, or even a prominent one in the Golden Legend, but is based on Psalm 44: 11-12 in the Vulgate and the Song of Songs (4: 8). It is paraphrased as “Veni electa mea…in thronum meum” (“Come, chosen one to my throne”).

The usual arrangement for the coronation, as seen in the basilica’s mural, is to place Christ and Mary beside each other, but there are several variations.

Christ stretches out his hand to crown the Blessed Virgin. Angels surround them. Two incensing angels, one presenting a brazier, the other swinging a thurible, are in the lower corners. On the left side an angel holds a banderole that exclaims: “Salve Regina!” Opposite him, another angel plays a harp. In the upper left corner is a band of angels, while various choirs of angels are represented in the upper right corner.

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