What are we wanting to accomplish?

The Conception Abbey Vocation Office wants to show the world who we are by utilizing various forms of new media-- media are means not only for commerce and news, but for the Good News, for making heard the Voice of God and calling out to men who are seeking God's will in their life, just as print and radio has done in previous generations.

How do we envision New Media doing this?

In offering a window into the “culture” of monastic life, which can serve as a source for the Christian life in general, we make known the stable foundations and the dynamic principles that make up our daily existence as Benedictine monks of Conception Abbey.

This website offers discussions initiated by monks of Conception Abbey on art, liturgy, music, literature, etc.--topics that are relevant to living an authentic Christian life--with the opportunity for you to enter into that conversation.  New Media is all about conversation.

Who is this website for?

While a primary goal of the blog is to help prospective candidates learn about Conception Abbey we also hope to engage the world at large: both men and women, young and old, Catholic and non-Catholic. And perhaps in sharing our culture with the world we will indeed foster vocations and a more authentic Christian living.

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